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Published: October 29, 2020
Author/Pilot: Dallas Fischer
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Top ranch real estate videographer, Pilot Fischer, was once again hired to travel out of Montana and down to Wyoming to produce a ranch video highlighting one of the largest ranches for sale in Wyoming at close to 75,000± acres. The shoot involved a number of lifestyle shots to create more engagement.

Dubois, WY is located about an hour east of Jackson Hole and along the road is Grand Teton National Park. Needless to say the scenery in the area is top notch and a summer drive along the route is highly suggested.

The shoot was split into a two day affair to capture various recreational activities along with some actual cattle ranching. The first afternoon involved headed up to the mountain side of the property to capture the cowboys moving some cattle across a pasture. Three riders were filmed as they herded the cattle with the Shoshone National Forest, Absaroka and Wind River Ranges in the distance. The riders were then also filmed going on a leisurely horse back ride along some mountain trails.

The next shot involved capturing some kids and adults going on a utv ride across the property. Numerous trails are located on the property and also connects to thousands of miles of trail throughout the national forest. Exploring on a atv or utv can easily fill up an entire weekend if you wanted to venture out to play in this area.

The evening composed of getting some wildlife shots along with some hunting action. Antelope were plentiful on the property, but the time of year didn't allow for any elk to be seen on the land. A late afternoon wind on the mountain top made the drone flights a little more unstable to get high-quality footage, but were able to be corrected in post production to smooth out the shots.

Dinner was served at the main house with drinks out on the deck. The entire crew was treated with an amazing sunset to provide a perfect backdrop for filming just how relaxing the property can be out in the country.

Pilot Fischer actually drove back out to the alpine cabins to stay the night in order to get in the early morning sunrise shots. The featured shots were to go out to a sheep monument located at one of the highest points and by chance a small group of horses were near the spot to capture them slow running across the wide open spaces.

The rest of the morning was spent working with the kids to get some horse riding shots inside the indoor riding arena. And then headed out to capture some fishing shots along the miles on Horse Creek located right on the property.

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Large Wyoming Ranch For Sale | Rocking Chair Ranch | Fay Ranches