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Montana Drone Company is part of the video marketing division of DFman Enterprises, LLC located in Bozeman, Montana. DFman Enterprises is all about helping to optimize small businesses for continued success. One of the core platforms for the company is how to integrate technology for use in the business. Montana Drone Company specializes in helping to generate video content from a whole new perspective. The use of aerial footage can be advantageous for a number of companies who are looking to stay ahead of the trends. The advancement of drones or more correctly called UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) in the commercial sector allows for high quality footage to be recorded and viewed from a perspective not commonly seen in business today. This new perspective can be helpful in real estate, construction, farming, engineering and many more areas of business.

Montana Drone Company was started by Dallas Fischer and TJ Schwartz who are both Montana natives and Montana State alumni. Dallas recognized the use of drones to capture aerial video footage was a leading trend in video marketing. TJ has a love for technology and almost went into the military for the possibility to fly military drones. The combination of a business entrepreneur and an expert drone pilot led to the formation of Montana Drone Company in 2017 as a video marketing division of DFman Enterprises, LLC.

We love to fly and work with anyone and everyone! Please contact us if you have a need to capture some Views from a Whole New Perspective.

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"My strength is understanding how to bring all sorts of technology into businesses to increase efficiency, branding and provide growth. The world of flying drones was an easy choice to help drive creating content to help our business clients."

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