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About Brandon Blauer

Missoula Montana Videographer

Brandon Blauer began his journey in Logan, Utah, intertwining his love for the mountains with a keen interest in technology. A graduate of Utah State University, he achieved a minor in UAS Technology and a major in Landscape Architecture, followed by a Master's in the same field in 2018. During his university years, Brandon balanced his academic pursuits with athletic vigor, playing ice hockey for Utah State, showcasing his diverse skills and team spirit.

Brandon's professional path is marked by versatility and innovation. Starting as a Project Engineer and Preservation Associate in a historic restoration company, he demonstrated a meticulous approach to heritage preservation. His entrepreneurial side led him to establish a photography business in Logan, highlighting his creative vision. This experience complemented his technical skill in completing over 150 photogrammetry missions using Pix4D. His tenure at Skyfish in Stevensville, Montana, as a Solutions Engineer and Drone Pilot, further solidified his expertise in camera/drone technology.

In the realm of videography and photography, Brandon excels in sports and nature, capturing dynamic moments and the beauty of the natural world. His storytelling ability through the camera lens extends to compelling product photography, merging artistic vision with commercial viability. Brandon Blauer's narrative is one of seamlessly blending his personal passions with his professional endeavors, continuously striving for excellence and innovation in every pursuit.

Expert Drone / Video Services

  • Sports Videography - Specializing in Ice Hockey and Extreme Sports
  • Environmental Architecture - Integrating Landscape Architecture with Drone Technology
  • Photogrammetry Mapping - Over 200 missions flown and processed
  • Educational Outreach - Training Aspiring Drone Pilots and Promoting Safe and Responsible Drone Usage through Community Education
  • Construction Oversight - Extensive Experience in Construction Progress Tracking
  • Product Showcasing - Creating Engaging Product Visuals from Unique Perspectives

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