MT Drone Flight Training
Part 107 License Classes

Montana Drone Flight Training Part 107 License Classes

Part 107 Test Prep - Become a Licensed UAV Pilot

Group Class - 8 Week Course

Cost: $125 each
• Includes a Free MDC t-shirt
• 6 weeks of classroom material
• 1 week of outside group instructional flying
• 1 scheduled session of one on one instructional flight
• Requires a minimum of 4 people and is limited to 8 people
All Spring 2021 group classes have been canceled due to COVID-19.

Private Classes - 4 Week Course

Cost: $250 each
• 8 hours of drone training
• Includes a Free MDC t-shirt
• Choice: 4 sessions at 2 hours each or 2 sessions at 4 hours each
• Classroom material + flight training at each session
• You get to dictate what you would all like to learn!
• Available ONLY in these months: March, April, May, September, October
• Private training is only offered in Bozeman or Helena


We've held classes in Bozeman and Helena to date. We are open to conducting a training anywhere in Montana.


• Learn FAA, State, and Local Rules
• Learn the Basics of Drone Flight
• Learn How to Interpret Aeronautical Charts
• Part 107 Test Preparation


We need more licensed drone pilots. To be able to help with any commercial project you must be a certified drone pilot. This license is similar to getting your driver's license, but instead of state issued, the FAA approves the certification and you are good to fly anywhere in the United States for 2 years! (Within permitted areas that is)

Taught by Full Time Drone Pilots!
First Come, First Served
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• Not included is the final FAA examination fee to be scheduled and taken after the completion of the course.

• We can not guarantee all participants to successfully pass the examination. As with any test, the results are determined by how well you study the information.

Private drone training classes are available.

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