Missoulian Angler Fly Shop | Short commercial
Pilot Jordan Koppen captures both ground level and aerial views of Taylor catching trout in the Rattlesnake Creek near Missoula.

Pilot Koppen explains the importance of knowing where it is legal to fly!
Our Montana Drone Company Pilot Jordan Koppen is extremely adventurous, and loves to showcase the places he's been. Here he can be seen flying in the Mission Mountain Tribal Wilderness area.

2021 TDK Big Sky 200 Recap | Broadview, MT | Wild West Off Road Series
Recap video of the 2021 TDK Big Sky 200 brought to you by Throttle Down Kustoms. The racetrack is just south of Broadview, Montana and was the second race of the season for the Wild West Off Road Series.

Kurt's Polaris Hype Video
Jordan Koppen compiles clips he got of Curt a the Big Sky 200 race in Broadview, Montana.

Brown's Greenhouse | Florence, Montana
Jordan Koppen drove down the Bitterroot valley to Florence, Montana to capture some footage for a short commercial for Brown's Greenhouse.

How cold of weather can you fly your drone? 2021 Winter Projects
Pilot Fischer highlights the past couple of weeks where he went from 60 degrees to -6 and back to 32 for a range of video projects. How cold of weather can you fly your drone? Montana Drone Company continues to perform flights for all kinds of projects throughout the winter even during some cold temperatures.

Martelli Forestry | Western Montana Forestry Service
Jordan Koppen had the opportunity to go out and capture the good work being done on the landscape by Martelli Forestry. Mike Martelli uses practices that meet todays forestry standards and makes your property look healthy and appealing to the eye.

Drone Mapping Ennis Airport Expansion Project
Montana Drone Company was able to provide drone mapping for the Ennis-Big Sky Montana Airport Expansion project in November of 2020. Safety is always priority #1 for a drone flight, but being around a location like an airport is even more critical.

Holland Peak | Hiking Trail to Summit | Drone Views Montana Swan Valley
While bagging Holland Peak, pilot Koppen used the Mavic Air 2 to capture stunning Montana Views of the Swan Range.

2020 Buffalo Chip 100 Sturgis, SD Recap | Wild West Off Road Series
Recently we got to travel to Sturgis, South Dakota to live stream and record the Buffalo Chip 100 for Yellowstone Off Road Racing. This video shows off the track, the racers and everything their cars are capable of. Plus the amazing footage we can capture from the ground and sky.

2020 Big Sky 200 Race Footage | Wild West Off Road Race Series
Montana Drone Company covered the 2020 Big Sky 200 baja racing action down in Broadview, Montana. More pilots were able to make it this year to allow us to cover more of the 50 mile race track while also live broadcasting our drone footage to YouTube from the finish line.

Wild West Off Road Race Series | MT Drone Co Official Pilots
The 2020 Wild West Off Road Race Series is gearing up for the race season. Montana Drone Company will be the official drone pilots for the series in 2020 and Dallas Fischer will be the host / live broadcaster for all the video footage. Check out the promo from footage we gathered last year.

Kite Skiing Outside Bozeman MT | Flying Across Flat Snow
Montana Drone pilot, Dallas Fischer, captured Noah enjoying a beautiful day to do some kite skiing just outside Bozeman, MT. This footage is completely unscripted and no coordination was planned between the two.

Montana Base Jumping | Storm Castle Peak | Drone Footage
Drone footage of some Montana Base Jumping action off Storm Castle which is on the Gallatin River heading up the canyon between Bozeman and Big Sky. MDC pilot, Dallas Fischer, happened to talk to Jeff Schlabs, earlier in the day and it just so happened Jeff was going base jumping.

Pumpkin Hot Air Balloon | Bozeman, MT
Giant pumpkin sighting in Bozeman, Montana! Endeaver Ballooning wanted to test out the look of their new hot air balloon at night so they blew up the pumpkin shaped balloon at the Gallatin Center near Costco on September 25th, 2019.

Idaho Elk Hunting Fishing Trip Video | Capturing Recreational Video Footage
Montana Drone Company pilot, Dallas Fischer, accompanied Fay Ranches ranch real estate broker, RJ Patterson, to explore the ranch in Leadore, Idaho called Little Eight Mile Ranch on the Lemhi River. The goal of the video was to show the diverse recreational opportunities on the ranch.

2019 Wild West 100 Race Footage | Wild West Off Road Race Series
Recap video of the 2019 Wild West 100 raced just outside of Columbus, Montana which is the final race of the Wild West Off Road Series. Multiple classes feature UTVs, trucks and Ultra 4 baja racing vehicles.

2019 Big Sky 200 Race Footage | Wild West Off Road Race Series
Recap video of the 2019 Big Sky 200 raced just outside of Broadview, Montana. The race day was extremely windy and made some shots a little difficult. The race is a 50 mile course and they do complete four laps...if they can.

Winter Kayaking Upper Madison River Montana | Drone Footage
Check out some winter kayaking footage of two guys on the upper Madison River. Montana Drone Company pilot, Dallas Fischer, was out traveling to acquire some different footage when he saw them walking up the road.

2019 Winter Montana Drone Highlights | Elk, Big Horn Sheep, Snowmobiling, Kayak Adventure
Winter started off mild this year, but sure did make up for it in the end. Enjoy a couple of our shots from the last couple of months which include MT scenery, lifestyle, wildlife and some outdoor enthusiasts.

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