2022 High Desert 100 Highlights | Wild West Off Road Series

Published: May 22, 2022
Author/Pilot: Montana Drone Company

Recap video of the 2022 High Desert 100 brought to you by Mike's Off Road. The racetrack is just north of Powell, Wyoming and was the first race of the season for the Wild West Off Road Series. Qualifying was held on Friday night to determine poll positions for each class. The Youth/1600 Buggy races started the day on Saturday morning and then were followed by the Stock and Comp Mod truck classes. The UTVs had to be split into 3 different races due to the number of competitors. The Pro class & Ultra 4 rigs finished off the day and finished the race right at dark. The race day involved a short rain shower and mild winds, but was another successful day of footage.

The video action was captured by #PilotFischer and #PilotSchwartz from Montana Drone Company using three different drones and a Sony ground camera. The pilots filmed for 13 hours on Saturday and broke the footage down to this short recap.

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2022 High Desert 100 | Truck Racing, UTV Racing, Youth Racing, Ultra 4 Racing