Idaho Elk Hunting Fishing Trip Video | Capturing Recreational Video Footage
Montana Drone Company pilot, Dallas Fischer, accompanied Fay Ranches ranch real estate broker, RJ Patterson, to explore the ranch in Leadore, Idaho called Little Eight Mile Ranch on the Lemhi River. The goal of the video was to show the diverse recreational opportunities on the ranch.

2019 Winter Montana Drone Highlights | Elk, Big Horn Sheep, Snowmobiling, Kayak Adventure
Winter started off mild this year, but sure did make up for it in the end. Enjoy a couple of our shots from the last couple of months which include MT scenery, lifestyle, wildlife and some outdoor enthusiasts.

Montana Six Point Bull Elk Drone Video | Big Sky Montana
While traveling home from a trip, Montana Drone Company happened to see this six point bull elk hanging out on top the hill. The elk was filmed with only 4 minutes of battery to fly up, capture a video and then fly back home before losing power.

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