Draught Works Hoppy Mixed 12 Pack Product Video

Published: April 29, 2021
Author/Pilot: Montana Drone Company

MDC showcases their ability to bring a local Montana product to life for one of the local breweries in Missoula! In this video, we use our creative talents to dream up unique eye catching shots to help potential craft brewery lovers to try out their products!

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Draught Works Brewery, was founded on the philosophy of building better beers. This industrial spirit has driven us to turn out clean, traditional brews such as ales and lagers, unique American sours, as well as a wide range of experimental styles. Featuring an outdoor patio and live music events every week.

Draught Works of Missoula Montana launched their Hoppy Mixed 12 Pack in spring of 2021. The pack includes the My Ruca APA, Hard Rolled Hazy IPA, Scepter India Pale Ale, and the Pineapple Express Tropical IPA.

My Ruca American Pale Ale

I’ve been waiting for My Ruca, or “one and only love”. Citrusy and tropical flavors abound in this American Pale Ale. This is our take on a “West Coast-Style” Pale Ale, which refers to the hop varieties used and the flavors they impart (delicious ones). Well-balanced, easy-drinking, pleasant (hop) character: all of the makings of a perfect soulmate, uh… I mean beer. We think you’ll find My Ruca to be sublime.

Hard Rolled Hazy IPA

Hand Rolled is meticulously crafted to be hazy, hoppy and juicy. With an emphasis placed on hop flavor and aroma rather than bitterness, huge notes of peach, apricot and grapefruit dominate the aroma. The malt base is comprised of wheat, oats and barley providing a delicate, soft mouthfeel inviting another drink.

Scepter India Pale Ale

Scepter IPA is a hop monster that shows no mercy. Seven insane additions of different hops create an assertive hop aroma of tropical fruits and citrus followed by fresh flavors of mango, pineapple, grapefruit and even coconut throughout each sip. Backed by a medium body and pleasantly pale-gold colored, this beer is brewed with 2-Row and caramel malts that can stand up to a beast of hops.

2014 GABF® Gold medal for American-style Strong Pale Ale.

Pineapple Express Tropical IPA

Pineapple Express IPA is a great combination of an IPA and tropical fruits. This IPA was brewed with light caramel malts and Munich malts, with hops varieties that compliment the tropical fruits (Summer, Citra, and Simcoe providing citrus, apricot, and melon characteristics). We then added a generous portion of pineapple, mango, guava, papaya, and peach puree/juice (all natural). These tropical fruits come through slightly, mostly pineapple, in the nose and flavor, blending very well with the fruity hops of this IPA.

Make sure to check out DraughtWorksBrewery.com and if you are in Missoula then head on down for a brew!

Draught Works Hoppy Mixed 12 Pack Product Video