December 2021 Photo of the Month | Holiday Christmas Lights

December 2021 Photo of the Month | Holiday Christmas Lights

Published: January 1, 2022
Author/Pilot: Montana Drone Company

Do you enjoy the holiday season and all the Christmas lights put up for display by businesses, families, and individuals? MT Drone Company likes our Christmas lights and we set out to take some community festive pictures for December.

These aerial drone photographs are a little more difficult do to the low light conditions and require a longer exposure. Longer exposures with a drone can at times create a little blurriness, because unlike a camera on a tripod, a drone is always slightly moving. A larger number of pictures are taken to finally get the drone photo our pilots are trying to achieve.

Take a look at some animal photographs from December 2021 from our drone pilots. Which one is your favorite? Please vote on our Facebook channel and check back here to see all our winning photos of the month.



Silent Night - #PilotSchwartz

Guardian Of The Gulch Helena Montana Firetower With Christmas Lights

Downtown Spiders - #PilotFischer

Downtown Holiday Spiders Bozeman Montana

Christmas at the X's - #PilotKoppen

Christmas Tree With Holiday Lights Missoula Montana

Holiday Outlines - #PilotFischer

Holiday Outlines Kenyon Noble Bozeman Montana