Animal Drone Photography Pictures | November 2021

November 2021 Photos of the Month

Published: December 1, 2021
Author/Pilot: Montana Drone Company

One of the most difficult drone photographs to capture is animal photography. You just never know how animals are going to react to the drone buzzing sound. Some animals just stare at the drone, but quite a few others will start running away. Take a look at some animal photographs from November 2021 from our pilots. Which one is your favorite? Please vote on our Facebook channel and check back here to see all our winning photos of the month.

A Fowl Gathering - #PilotSchwartz

A Fowl Gathering Geese Swimming In Montana Pond

Cattle of the Bitterroot - #PilotKoppen

Cattle Of The Bitterroot Missoula Mt Drone Photograph.jpg

Elk of the Gallatin - #PilotFischer

Gallatin Elk Herd Bridger Mountains Manhattan Montana

Golden Hour on the Reds - #PilotFischer

Red Angus Cattle Snowy Mountains Montana

Curious Horses - #PilotFischer

Curious Horses Viewing Drone Real Estate Photo Shoot