Drone Mapping a Skiing Chair Lift in Big Sky MT

Published: October 15th, 2021
Author/Pilot: Dallas Fischer

Drone mapping continues to become more and more popular, but most gigs are rather monotonous. This job though required mapping the Ramcharger ski chair lift at the Big Sky Resort in Montana. We currently use DroneDeploy as our drone mapping software and this mission was critical to use their terrain awareness feature as the base of the chair lift to the summit was around 1500 feet of elevation change. As of October 2021, DroneDeploy only has the terrain awareness working with Apply IOS application and is not available on Android based software. The terrain awareness uses the drone sensors to continually take readings to the ground and make elevation changes as it flies the mission. The Phantom 4 Pro v2 drone was used to complete this mapping mission.

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Drone Mapping a Skiing Chair Lift in Big Sky MT | Montana Drone Company