Martelli Forestry | Western Montana Forestry Service
Jordan Koppen had the opportunity to go out and capture the good work being done on the landscape by Martelli Forestry. Mike Martelli uses practices that meet todays forestry standards and makes your property look healthy and appealing to the eye.

Drone Mapping Ennis Airport Expansion Project
Montana Drone Company was able to provide drone mapping for the Ennis-Big Sky Montana Airport Expansion project in November of 2020. Safety is always priority #1 for a drone flight, but being around a location like an airport is even more critical.

Drone Surveying | Montana Railroad Tracks
Montana Drone Company hired to complete drone surveying of Montana railroad tracks. In the past a fleet of railroad inspectors would travel miles of railroad by foot checking for signs of wear and tear. With the advancement of drone technology this can now be done quicker and better documented.

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