Fairy Lake Bozeman MT - Bridger Mountains

Published on August 28th, 2018

Pilot: Dallas Fischer

Fairy lake offers a number of various recreational opportunities for Bozeman residents. The lake is located roughly 28 miles north of Bozeman by heading out on Bridger Canyon Road. The trails and campground are part of the scenic Bridger Mountain Range. During the summer you can access the lake by vehicle, but proceed with caution in low clearing cars. Enjoy the lush vegetation and creek run-offs during spring and summer visits. Fairy lake is worth the visit if you truly enjoy the outdoors. An easy walking trail completely surrounds the lake to allow for visitors to take in every angle of beauty. Swim, picnic, hike, relax. Fairy Lake is a must-see for its crystal-clear waters and the panorama of the surrounding Bridger Mountains.

Fairy Lake Bozeman MT Trailhead Campground Hike Directions

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