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Flying A Drone In A Theme Park | Rollercoaster Drone Flight

Some amazing footage caught by the lesser known FPV pilot Viggo Koch might bring him the fame this footage shows he deserves! The footage couldn't have been captured without using a custom FPV drone of Viggos design, but how did he get the opportunity to film it in the first place?

If you've been following our drone law series you know some common drone laws you'd break by flying this close to a roller coaster. In particular flying over people! Luckily Viggo was granted permission by park officials to conduct his flight before the park opened to the general public as to avoid any persons that would be nearby. Asking the park for permission also gave Viggo the ability to do the flight in the first place as the amuzement park is privately owned and has clearly stated in its park rules No Drones for any purposes.

Were any waivers involved? With the operation being conducted during the day, flying in the morning where no one would be present, and acquiring park permission Viggo side stepped any need for a waiver and created some awesome footage.

Viggos flight and operation conduct is the best example of one of the simplest tricks in the book for safe flying, he asked for permission. Asking permission along with knowing your basic drone laws allows for some opportunities like Viggos coaster to come to reality. If you haven't seen the video yet check it out below! If you have any concerns about your next operation and want to freshen up on your drone laws check out our list on the side bar!




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