Pumpkin Hot Air Balloon | Bozeman, MT

Published: September 27th, 2019

Pilot: Dallas Fischer

Anyone driving around the Gallatin Center area in Bozeman, MT on Wednesday night were probably caught off guard with an unusual sight. A giant pumpkin jack-o-lantern was on display. The pumpkin was actually a hot air balloon owned by Colin & Brittany Graham of Endeavor Ballooning based out of Bozeman. They recently purchased the balloon and wanted to check out the look at night when the burner was activated to display the jack-o-lantern look. The hot air balloon will not be available for rides as it is a smaller balloon which can only hold a couple of people. Everyone around the other night was given quite the unusual show and Brittany Graham even brought Halloween candy to hand out to kids being entertained by the pumpkin.

For more information about hot air balloon rides in Gallatin Valley check out their website at MontanaBalloon.com

For more information about the Gallatin Center check out their Facebook page at here.

Pumpkin Hot Air Balloon Sunset Picture Bozeman Montana




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